Do you really know what is dating?

Before we officially start, we must first define what it means when we say tinder hookup. Some people's concept of dating is a romantic dinner, watching movies, or "two people intimately engaged in certain activities." These are not wrong, but usually when you can have romantic dinner or intimately engage in certain activities, the person you are dating probably already have some emotional attachment to you or you are already a couple. When we say date, we should start with a generalized date, which means before you become as a couple.

A generalized date is actually a activity contains "you and the other party", including three or five friends go to the barbecue together, go to McDonald's to read books, etc. As long as you appear in the same space with the other party, it can be called date. Sometimes you just need to meet on one night dating app. For example, you just chat downstairs in the other person's house and go to lunch at noon, which can be counted in a broad date concept. This kind of thinking may be very different from the dating that most people think. It may not have the function of speeding up the heartbeat and colliding with the deer, but it is a way to increase the familiarity of the concept that you can fully understand on one night dating app.

Many people would think the outcome as an indicator that "the other party has no feeling towards me", but it is very wrong to judge the relationship by this view. Unless you are acquainted with each other through online dating or hook up apps, the purpose of both parties using the software is to know the opposite gender and to date or have one night hookup. Otherwise, whether the other party would go out with you or not have nothing to do with whether he/she has a thing for you or not.

We have mentioned in the process of relationship that at the beginning of a relationship, we need to leave the other party a good impression before going to the next step. Refusing going out can only mean that the other party is not interested in us, but agreeing to go out does not usually mean that "the other party do not have a good impression on us", especially when your understanding pipeline is not pure. The other party may be based on taking you as a friend or he/she is just interested in this activity. For example, they heard that this restaurant is delicious, or they just want to see this movie. If we think that the other party is interesting in us, and then we might misunderstand it. It is likely to cause the resentment of the other party, so that the subsequent opportunities are lost.

In dating, many people think of it as "the must to relationship". But when you look at dating like this, dating can't be going very well. Dating is not only for relationships. It is used to give two people more time to get to know with each other.