Dating tips 101: How to make her want you?

Text her
Nowadays, it can never be this easy to contact a friend finder. Just text her. There is benefits in texting. You can let her know that you are thinking about her even if you are at work. But don’t overdo it. You can build some norm to increase her interest and attention in you. Remember to extend your morning and night greetings. This is a really smart move, because she would think about you when she wakes up and sleeps. Plus, if you suddenly stop text her one day, she would definitely be wondering why.

This is not enough. You need to text her at least once a day. You can text her at anytime of a day. Give her some expectations and guess when you would text her. A small move can create huge miracle.

Make sure she wants more
It doesn’t matter no matter it is texting or dating. You should make her always want something more with you than tinder hookup. This is very important. The least thing you want is for her to get tired of you. Worst of all, she would totally forget all about you. Therefore, this is how you should do. Finish your talk when you are talking intensively. Just think up with an excuse, like, my friend is coming to me. Let’s talk next time. Or just take a short leave. In this way, she would definitely be eager to talk to you the next time.

Therefore, make sure you never run out of topic. The better move is to share a funny story and then think up with an excuse to leave and pick it up the next time. This is a very good strategy to make her want you.

Tell her you feelings
According to a study, girls are more attracted to guys who have the courage to share their true feelings. This kind of courage is very charming for hookup. If you can be that kind of person, this girl won’t be able to resist herself from you. Of course, there is risks in doing this. You should better make sure she is also interested in you when you do this. Such a bold move can be your key to success and also your exit card.

Keep some mystery
Some people think playing hard-to-catch is a good method, while some think it is totally a waste of time. It is okay to play such game if you know how to balance. Experts think playing hard-to-catch can make most girls interested in you. It can also be hard for you to play such game because you already want her badly. Just don’t overdo it, otherwise it will be just the opposite to what you wish.

Be calm
Keep calm is good for both your health and love life. Generally speaking, girls like calm guys instead of those who gets nervous easily. If you are always stressed out, she would be too. Plus, you would seem less confident.